This Is The Place To Get Handmade Cutesy Items For Your Littles. 

Hey there! My name is Miranda Dianne and i'm the maker here at SewCutesyCreations. The story behind my business starts like many of us small shops - becoming a mom. Once I had my little girl something within me had me dreaming I knew how to sew. That way I could make my daughter all the cute things. My mom knew how to sew and I had only learned the basics in sewing class in high school. When my daughter was 5 months old I bought my first sewing machine and started to teach myself how to sew. My mom taught me how to use my first serger I bought soon after purchasing my first machine. From then on out there was no stopping me. I watched hours of youtube videos to learn, sewing books, articles, etc. Wishing one day I could have a youtube of my own to teach people how to start and learn just as I did. A few years later I started a channel called SewCutesy. I did a video a week showing others how to sew just up until my second child was born. I had to take a long break from youtube since he needed a lot more attention than my first born. I turned to Tiktok where I could still film & create, but in a much faster and quicker format. After 9 years of people asking if I could sew them things- it was time I shared my creations (not just in video format) but in product as well. SewCutesyCreations was brought to life March of 2022. I'm so very excited about this new journey. Hope you love my creations as much as I love getting to create them.                       -MirandaDianne

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